I am a postdoc at the University of California at Davis and I was previously the NSF HASTAC postdoc at Duke University. At UC Davis lead the social media analysis portion of the Knowledge Networks Project at the Department of Environmental Science and Policy.

My research is motivated by the conflicting ecosystems of network and broadcast media and by the elapsed effects of online and onsite networks. I am trained in qualitative and quantitative methods and my work relies on for statistical computing and visualization.

You can reach me anytime at

UC Davis

The Department of Environmental Science and Policy plays a unique role in bringing together the natural sciences and social sciences. Our graduates engage in real-world issues by collaborating with government agencies, non-profit organizations, policy-makers, scientists, members of the public, and firms.

HASTAC's EAGER NSF grant "A Data-Based Study of the Incentives and Success of an Exemplar Academic Network" uses computational analysis, data extraction, and social networking analysis to embark on the first large-scale study of the interplay of cyberinfrastructure and scholarly communication in an academic peer-produced network.